I had a great experience getting a therapeutic massage from Georgetown Family Hypnosis & Massage Therapy.

Mary Virginia is very knowledgeable in her craft and does a great job of making you understand what she’s doing and why. I’ve had few massages in my life, so it was great to learn a lot about how the body works and how massage helps muscles heal.

Her massage room, which is inside of a great little office in Georgetown, is really relaxing, dimly lit and comforting. She’ll be happy to share information about what she does, answer any questions about hypnosis (I had a lot since I was curious) and positive thinking! I left feeling refreshed, and less stressed out then I was when I went in.

I highly recommend her for a good therapeutic massage. Keep in mind, she doesn’t do Day Spa services, so don’t expect facials or little cucumbers, but do expect a good hour of relaxation. She also offers $10 off any new client, so be sure to take advantage of that.

Highly recommended!

Carlos C., Yelp
After a long search for a massage therapist that could relax me, I can now say that the search is now over after visiting Georgetown Family Hynopsis and Massage Therapy with Mary Virginia.

Mary has hands of an angel. She knew exactly where to relieve pressure and gave me the massage that I have been longing for. All of the massages that I have had in the past does not even compare to what I got from Mary. The massage was comfortable, soothing, and best of all I leave feeling like I have been on an island in Hawaii. The room smelled like a bed of flowers. The music is calming. She is experienced and knowledgeable.

I have been back every month because I keep wanting more. Overall, it is well worth the trip and money. She’s AMAZING! I have sent my whole family to her and they have been satisfied every time.

Definitely a must do!

Anh C., Yelp
I went to Mary Virginia last week to get a massage at the recommendation of a friend. I am not very sensitive and can handle a lot of pressure, but I have been experiencing some slight back pain – a cause of stress. We talked before my massage and went in detail about areas of focus and how I would like the massage to go. As soon as I laid down she began to work her magic, firm pressure and a relaxing ambiance. I could feel the stress melting away, and when I walked out that afternoon, I noticed I was standing taller and more at ease! Hands down, the best massage I have ever had.
Brittany S., Yelp
Had my first massage today and feel happy that I will be going back on a constant basis when I need a re-charge. I much prefer getting a real massage from someone rather than a spa experience, and it was just what I need. Mary-Virginia does real massages with proper way. Has a very calming personality and felt instantly comfortable with her. Thanks!
Sabrina G., Yelp
Mary Virginia is top notch. I went to her recently for cranio sacral therapy and a massage. I suffer from severe, chronic TMJ, which has put me into a lot of pain. With one 90 minute session, she reduced my pain tenfold. I plan on going to see her regularly. She’s very much a healer. This is not your typical “spa” experience, so if you’re looking for fluffy robes and cucumber fancy water as part of your massage experience, you should go to a spa. But if you need serious, fantastic, HEALING work done to your body, she’s your woman. I highly recommend her, and am very sad that I’m relocating to Houston in a few months, because he’s that good. I plan on seeing her as often as I can between now and then.
Lindsey M., Yelp
I’ve been to various places for massages, but they were often expensive and the customer service was usually mediocre, so I only went when I’ve been through weeks of stress. It wasn’t until I met Mary Virginia from Georgetown Family Hypnosis & Massage Therapy that I finally saw what I was missing out on.

The 1st appointment I booked with her was a 30 minute trial massage a few months ago to try our her service. Mary Virginia is incredibly sweet and you can tell she sincerely wants to help and put her best foot forward. After a few minutes into the massage, I could immediately tell that the quality was so much better than the other places. She was removing knots I didn’t even know I had and she really took her time and didn’t feel rushed at all. Her years of experience definitely showed. After a wonderful experience, I promised to come back for a 60-minute massage.

Fast forward to this past Sunday…I pulled my back in volleyball and I was in severe pain (cannot-walk-pain). Instinctively, I called up Mary Virginia and asked her if there was any way I could come in ASAP. Although she doesn’t work Mondays, she created time for me anyway. Now that’s service! I went in limping and barely able to walk and she just knew what to do to help the pain. She generously lathered me up with these Chinese heating oil and heating pads, started working on my legs and lower to mid-back. She also took the knots out of my shoulder and my right forearm, which was also beat up from volleyball. At the end of the 60-min massage, I was able to stand up and walk straight! It took me a few more days to heal from the back injury, but if it wasn’t for Mary Virginia, the recovery time would have been much longer and I would probably still be in pain while writing this review. All of this plus fantastic service for about $60, an incredible bargain for what she offers (I would have paid her double for the stuff she does!).

If you live in Georgetown and reading this, consider yourself blessed to have Mary Virginia in your neighborhood and I strongly recommend making an appointment with her now! I live in Round Rock, but the 20 minute commute up north is absolutely worth the trip!

Andrew C., Yelp